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Interior Design Project: Girl´s Bedroom



The Fairy dressing table brings to the kids’ bedroom the magic of fairies in the stories they used to see combined with a vintage inspiration in its design. The perfect round mirror placed on the back of the table is the main feature of the piece, giving a sweet charm to the decoration. 



The Neverland Teepee gets its inspiration from the fantasy world where Peter Pan lives. By evoking both adventure and dream in an imaginary faraway place, this piece will allow kids’ to have their own space to play and fly to another imaginary during their movie sessions, only possible by the TV system inside the tent.



A design inspired by the Smurf’s village, where the little blue creatures lived in mushrooms, the floor lamp brings to the kids’ little kingdom a sweet feel, emphasized by its round shape, and a touch of magic associated with mushrooms long ago. This beautiful lamp in the shape of a mushroom will illuminate kids’ enchanted dreams at night and their stories while they play throughout the day.