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Terms and Conditions are subject to change, for the latest version of these Conditions please see it online on our Website. These Conditions can be saved electronically or printed by all users of our Website. Whilst they remain posted on our Website, these Conditions will apply to all transactions carried out via our Website, e-mail or/ and by telephone.
Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and make sure that you fully understand them before using our Services. Please note that by using the Services, you automatically agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you will not be able to use the Services and you should leave the FAIRYTALE’s Website. If you continue to use the Website or if you order products, we will take this as your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
When we refer to "we", "us" or "our", we mean FAIRYTALE Lda. Where we refer to "you" or "your" we mean you, the person using the Services.

1. We reserve the right, without prior notice, to discontinue products or change specifications on products.
2. Many finishes are applied by hand and may vary in colour, tone and character. While we will make every effort to match a finish, no guarantee can be made of an exact match. We cannot guarantee finishes against fading and oxidizing throughout the years. Variations in colour and veining are inherent in stone (marble) and considered to be part of the natural beauty of the material.
3. We ship our products without bulbs to North America and other countries that use 110-127V outlets.
4. Standard Halogens bulbs are supplied free of charge in every product. However, we will not be liable for any malfunction of these components during their lifespan. We cannot offer warranty for the bulbs since we are not the manufacturers.
5. Plugs and switches are included and in accordance with the standards of the country to which the product is destined.
6. We are free to commit any design changes without prior notice. Images on the catalogue or website may vary from the final product. Nonetheless, we work every day to enhance our product’s quality, aesthetics, usability and reliability.

1. We are capable of customizing existing products or new products to meet contract specifications – all situations that require custom designs are subject to an upcharge. Special pricing based on quantity and features will be provided upon request for all customized products – decision will be made on a case-by-case basis and the Buyer will be notified of any said fees.

2. Before any order, we are free to charge a design fee for more extensive drawings or renders the client may request for customized products. These fees are non-refundable once paid for and will be deducted from the final cost of the order.

1. The values on Euro and Dollar Price Lists are public and substitute any other published or advertised before.
2. Prices always refer to a single unit and VAT is not included in the price. All legal taxes and fees must be subsequently added to the price.
3. All prices are EX-WORKS from Portugal. They do not include any transportation cost or fees associated.
4. Standard packaging is included in the price. The client can require specific packaging, although it will be charged accordingly.

5. We reserve the right, without prior notice to change retail price list.

1. The prices are EX-WORKS, so transportation costs and fees are not included. Shipping costs are available so please contact us for additional information.
2. Whenever the client chooses to transport the product(s) by his/her own method or mean, we will be free of any charges or responsibility for events that might occur during transportation.
3. If the transportation is requested to us, it will be charged apart from the product’s value. Please note all transportation services require the receiver of the goods to verify their status with the carrier upon delivery. The POD must be signed with reservations subject to verification with/without apparent damage and provided to us whenever requested. Failure to do so, or to provide written a claim for any damage or loss within 7 working days of the delivery will automatically release us from any liability for damage sustained in transit cargo. We will also not be liable for any damages resulting from handling, loading or unloading by people acting on behalf of the receiver. Any transportation of the piece from destination to a second location will forfeit any transportation damage claim.
4. For orders with the final destination out of Europe, we reserve the right to issue the DU (export document) which has a cost per invoice.
4.1. USA - For orders shipped by air to the US, we reserve the right to issue the DU (export document) which has a cost per invoice.

1. Storage fees may be applied up to of 10% of total invoice price per week if outstanding invoice balance is not paid in full and/or shipping arrangements have not been made within ten (10) business days after being informed that the order is ready. The 10% charge will be compounding each week in Portugal.

1. We keep a reasonable number of products available for shipment. To get hold of our Ready to ship List, please contact one of our Sales and Product Specialist.

1. FAIRYTALE has samples available for all its standard finishes. If the clients wishes to acquire any of the finishes the client should contact, via email at or via phone at +351 910 065 433 or +351 910 065 621 in order to purchase them.

1. Packaging is included in the price. When mandatory the use of wooden box the client should instruct when placing the order. If the client requires specific packaging, they will be charged accordingly.

1. We may provide all of the following services for a special fee – please contact our staff regarding prices: Certificate of Origin, Authentication of Invoices, SASO Certificates, Inspections, Storage and Demurrage, Change of Details on Final Invoice.

1. Should the article received fail your expectations in any way, please provide written a claim to us within the first 48 hours after reception. Photographic evidence supporting your allegation must be sent by e-mail to or the respective sales representative. Upon confirmation of any defect, we compromise to replace the defective part/piece integrally, within a period agreed with the client. The defective part/ piece must be received by us in its original package before any replacement can be sent - especially in all cases concerning customized products or new products created to meet contract specifications.

2. For all sales made to Russia, and in case of returning the goods for complaint, it is the customer’s responsibility to get the goods to a point of distribution in Europe, such as Italy or Germany, and support this shipping. After checking the claimed piece and in case of proof of production problem, we will support all the previous transportation costs related to the fixing of the issue.

1. All accounts will only be registered once the first pro-forma invoice is issued. The client has to provide valid company details such as Billing name, Billing address, VAT number (company registration number or resale number). A credit application accompanied by the client’s certificate of resale is required to open an account. Open credit terms will be considered on an individual basis, after the first pro-forma invoice order.

1. Standard Product - 40% to adjudicate the work (order) + 60% before the goods are shipped. 

2. Custom-made Product - 50% to adjudicate the work (order) + 50% before the goods are shipped.

3. Orders go into production only after our company has confirmed that the final invoice is signed/stamped by the client and the adjudication value has been received.
4. The payment must be made by account transfer (in Euros) and the confirmation (receipt) of the transfer must be sent along with the signed/stamped invoice by e-mail ( or the respective sales representative.

5. The lead time starts the day the orders go into production.

6. Payments are non-refundable.


1. Between 8-10 weeks + 2 for customized works + shipping.

Order address
Address: Rua de São Domingos, Loja 101 G, P3FN22, 4590-060 Carvalhosa, Paços de Ferreira
VAT n.º 514 703 490

Account Number (Euros)
IBAN: PT50 0018 0003 46162723020 39
NIB: 0018 0003 46162723020 39

Company’s bank’s address
Name: Santander Totta, S.A.
Address: PT Bento Jesus Caraça


1. There are no warranties along with our products. When issues arise, FAIRYTALE reserves the right to determine whether a replacement or repair is most appropriate.

1. Our company has the ability to customize existing products or new products to meet contract specifications. These orders will need special pricing based on quantity and features.

Please contact us for contract quotes.

1. Dealer internet websites may neither advertise nor in any way display our company’s name, logo, product images or any other branded company symbols or information without prior written consent from the company.
2. Dealer websites may not display pricing on our pieces, promotional offers, discounts or value statements (e.g. lowest price in town). Please contact us for further company guidelines on internet usage.

1. All rights reserved. No part of our design pieces may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including prototyping, 3D drawings, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the brand, except non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the brand, addressed “Attention: Copy Right permission,” at

Fairytale’s main office

Tel.: +351 910 065 433 | +351 910 065 621


Fairytale shall not be liable for any lost profits or savings, loss of reputation or goodwill, indirect or incidental or consequential damages arising out or in connection with the sale of the goods.
Terms are subject to change at any time without prior notice